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I taught myself how to program when I was ten. Since I had no introduction but only a reference manual, I thought about what could be a useful command, how I would call it in my mother language, translate it into English and then search the reference for it. Thus, I learned how to construct a programming language and how it could be improved.

I have a Masters in Solid State Physics, a Ph.D. in Particle Physics and a Masters in Economics. I lived in Aachen (RWTH), Madrid (Autonoma), Paris (CNRS), Hamburg (DESY), Bologna (INFN), Tokyo (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Palo Alto (SLAC), Geneva (CERN), and Z├╝rich. I like traveling, have been to over 60 countries, speak five languages and love outdoor sports.

I worked as a researcher at CERN, Stanford University and in the financial industry (high-frequency prop trading). When I am not doing analysis of some kind, my favorite activity is touring through the Alps with friends, on a Mountainbike in the summer and a Splitboard in the winter.

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