The Emergence of the Higgs boson

I wanted to share with you one of my favorid graphics of all times. It shows the evolution of the statistical evidence of the experimental data (black dots) compared to the theoretical prediction (histograms) of what one would expect to see if there was no Higgs boson (red and purple) and if there is one (blue). (Tlick on it, and wait until you see the blue writing appear.)


For predicting this 50 years ago, Peter Higgs and Fran├žois Englert recieved the Nobel Prize in 2013. Some people, like myself, like to believe that this is just the first out of a whole group of Higgs bosons which could open the door to a new world of supersymmetric particles.

To produce this plot about 6 petabyte of data had to be analysed, distributed over a global network of 170 computer centers.


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